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No Need for any marketing hype here

Our Testimonials Do the Talking

To those who are undecided, this is undoubtedly the one tool that revolutionized the way I looked at my Amazon business....

Ben Kenny

Best piece of software I have . . . Absolutely pays for itself in reimbursements I didn't know were due

James Fox

I moved from XXXXXX to STK and the difference was huge. STK is very reliable in terms of the numbers it generates but also the many features

Emily Knowles

STK is the best P&L tool I worked with. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Vlad Coki

I don't know any other software in this space that develops feature requests from its user base at the rate Norm Rogers does. 

The most valuable piece of software any Amazon business needs..

Callum McDonald

Just got a refund from Amazon for reimbursements overdue £208.44 which I may have missed. STK is worth the cost for the reimbursements feature alone.
Great  piece of kit !

John Stevinson

Just signed up for STK and mind is blown.
looks like an amazing piece of software and so easy to use.

Rafina Nav

One of the reasons to love STK is how it manages replenished items. This is the way it should be done!

David Wilson


I gotta say, Norm, this tool is genius!

Julie Crespin

And some more for the STK Auto Repricer . . . 

(SellerToolKit Repricer requires an add-on subscription of £34.99 a month)

I just want to say how impressed I am with Norm Rogers's SellerToolKit and STK Repricer. I was using xxxxx but, after the initial hype, I found it to be disappointing, frustrating, as I was forever tinkering with minimum and maximum prices as well as changing algorithms. I have recently switched to SellerToolKit Repricer and I love it . . . I like how STK does a brilliant job without all the hype. Plus Norm knows what he is doing and his support is excellent.

Nick Kirk

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